Raise it.

Cosmetic eye surgery can take years off your appearance in a blink of an eye. Although the surgery is relatively common and minimal recovery is needed, the approach should be delicately handled. Byun avoids cutting the skin in the upper eyelid as most doctors would. Instead, he creates a natural upper lid with his 3D technique to recreate the tuck while the muscle is shortened along with a slight brow lift. His groundbreaking approach has people coming in from all over the world to see what it is all about.

Lift it.

Let's face it... the face is a sensitive subject when it comes to plastic surgery since it is the center of your expression of emotion. We have all seen the facelifts that have gone bad, where the skin has been stretched too much causing an excessively pulled look. Great facelifts are not so obvious.

So what makes a great facelift? Dr. Michael Byun, MD believes targeting and repairing the tissues and muscles beneath the skin is best for optimal results. He addresses the often-ignored "midface" region (area beneath the eyes including the nose and structures). His skillful technique focuses on restoring the natural youthful disposition of the face by elevating and raising the malar cheek pad with very small incisions, which are hidden from the human eye.

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