Br. Byun's Mammaplasty - Mastopexy

Due to a variety of factors, many women must deal with ptotic or droopy breasts. Breasts may sag or become pendulous due to weight loss, pregnancy, breast feeding or simply aging. A standard breast augmentation procedure is not the ideal solution for this condition. Depending on the severity of the sagging, the patient may get a very unnatural look where there is a “double bubble” look from the old breast tissue and the breast implant.

As an example, the patient below was a size D cup but went down to a C cup after losing weight. The patient’s breast look deflated, her nipples point downward, and her nipples are below her inframammary fold.

There are a number of commonly accepted incision techniques for a Mastopexy but only a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Byun will know which technique will give the optimal results.

To illustrate the complexity of a Mastopexy, take your child’s Play Doh and shape it like a breast. Cut and remove the bottom portion and try to reshape it to your desired shape. Remove too much and it is impossible to shape it back to a natural looking breast. Remove too little and you do not accomplish your goal. Also, you have to know where to remove, how much skin to remove, and how much breast tissue to remove. Also, the breast tissue and skin that is to be removed is dependent on the shape of your current breast. Is your breast deflated, ptotic or is it both?

The explanation may sound simple but breast lift surgery is an invasive and complex procedure. For this reason, it is critical to find the best qualified plastic surgeon who will understand your goals and help you understand what can and cannot be accomplished through a breast lift surgery.

The above patient came to Dr. Byun’s office for a consultation because she wanted her breasts lifted and she wanted a fuller look. Since there is no one size fits all technique to this delicate and complex procedure, Dr. Byun carefully listened to the patient’s goals and concerns and recommended his Byun Vertical Lifting Technique with breast implants.

Another technique that could have been used is the anchor technique where a cut is made from the areola and below the areola with a wide cut east to west. Dr. Byun felt that this would have resulted in unnecessary scarring and could have lead to an unnatural pancake-like look. Dr. Byun developed the Byun Vertical Lifting Technique that results in a natural breast contour and reduced scarring versus other techniques.

As the above photos illustrate, the patient’s breasts are lifted with a natural looking breast contour and breast profile. As you can see, Dr. Byun's approach has the benefit of less scarring with beautiful and natural results. Even without implants, Dr. Byun's Vertical Lifting Technique has the benefit of projecting the breasts to give a more natural look. The results speak for themselves.