For men and women who desire a more balanced physique or simply want curves where there are none, buttock implants are a real option. This procedure improves buttock contour by increasing protrusion and molding the buttock into a rounder and fuller shape, giving the appearance of a "lift" in the buttock area. While fat implants can shrink or simply become reabsorbed by the body, a buttock implant will not change over time and is a permanent enhancement of your buttock.

The implant is made of solid silicone and has a soft, natural feel like that of well-toned muscle. Implants are available in several sizes in both round and oval shapes. It is typically inserted beneath either the gluteal muscles or the muscle fascia. This procedure takes only about an hour and a half and is performed under general anesthesia. The incision will be located in the midline area of the buttock so it will be obscured from view. It does not affect sitting as the incision is located away from the bony areas of the buttock to prevent discomfort. If additional contouring of the area is desired, Dr. Byun can perform liposuction in the buttock area in conjunction with the implant to maximize results.

Recovery time varies between patients, but most patients can expect soreness for several days if the implant has been inserted underneath muscle. Walking has been seen to expedite recovery, as it stretches the muscles in the surgical area, so it is recommended.