Dr. Michael Byun

Innovator - Vertical Breast Lift


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A variety of factors such as weight loss, pregnancy, and breast feeding can result in ptotic or droopy breasts. There is no one size fits all solution to this real issue that many women experience. Only an experienced and knowledgeable board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Byun has the ability to give such dramatic, natural, and beautiful results.

The last set of pictures illustrates the old and new position of the patient's nipples. The position of the nipples in relation to the inframammary fold is a critical factor in determining whether a breast lift (i.e., Mastopexy) is required. As you can see, the patient's nipple position is below the inframammary fold and the nipples are pointing at a 45 degree angle towards the ground. In this case, the nipples must be correctly repositioned above the level of the inframammary fold and the breasts need to be lifted.

Unlike other plastic surgeons, Dr. Byun does not employ the anchor technique where a cut is made from the areola and below the areola with a wide cut east to west. Dr. Byun feels that this results in unnecessary scarring and can lead to an unnatural pancake-like look. Instead, Dr. Byun a leading plastic surgeon, developed the Byun Vertical Mastopexy Lifting Technique.

For example, the patient above ws a size D cup but after losing weight went down to a C cup. She did not like the look of her breasts after the weight loss. Not only did she want her breastrs lifted but also wanted a more fuller look.

As you can see, Dr. Byun's approach has the benefit of less scarring with beautiful and natural results. His artistic work was complemented with breast implants because the patient desired a fuller look.