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  Dr. Byun's Midface Lift

Dr. Byun's Midface Technique was presented at the national meeting of Plastic Surgery.

The technique was featured as a video at the American College of Surgeons at the Orlando meeting May 1998.

The delicate aging process of the midface involves the relationships between the lower eye, the cheek area, and the corner of the mouth. Thus, the process of one area affects the other.

The concept of Dr Byun's face lift is to restore the natural youthful disposition of the cheek by elevating the descended malar cheek pad through very small incisions therefore helping to reshape the central face and achieving a revitalized look.
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1007 A
1007 B
1007 C
Pre-Op 2005
Post-Op 1 year
Post-Op 8 year


Patient: Female

Procedures: 2005: Endoscopic Midface lift, Endoscopic Browlift, Lower eye blepharoplasty, lip augmentation; 2013: Dermal spin

1009 A
Facelift Patient Before
1009 B
Facelift Patient After

1009 C
Facelift Patient Before

1009 D
Facelift Patient After

1009 E
Facelift Patient Before

1009 F
Facelift Patient After
  • Patient: female
  • Procedures: Midface lift, lower eye/bleph lift, lateral brow lift
  • Photos were taken 9 months after the surgery.

This patient sought out Dr. Byun to improve her facial features. Dr. Byun endoscopically performed a mid-face muscle lift, neck lift, jowl lift, and brow lift. To prevent further upper lid hood hovering and drooping, Dr. Byun performed upper blepharoplasty and lower blepharoplasty to remove bags under the eyes. The results show a tighter jawline,

1010 A
Facelift Patient 2013 Before
1010 B
Facelift Patient 2013 After
2 months after with no makeup

1010 C
Facelift Patient 2013 Before

1010 D
Facelift Patient 2013 After
2 months after with no makeup
  • Patient: female
  • Procedures: Midface muscle lift, jowl lift, neck lift with liposuction, brow lift, and lower blepharoplasty
  • Photos were taken 2 months after surgery.

This patient had a tired, puffy look. After only 2 months shown in the above photos, you can see a dramatic difference in bulging fat pockets and lines from aging. The patient is shown in the after-photos during the early stages of healing, without makeup. She continues to observe progress toward her optimal results.

1011 A
  1011 B
  1011 C

1011 D
1011 E

Profession: Singer/Entertainer


  • Endoscopic-assisted browlift with facelift
  • Muscle lift, buccinator tightening
  • Jowl lift
  • Neck lift and neck lipsuction
  • Lower lid canthopexy
  • Upper lid blepharoplasty
  • Rhinoplasty with septoplasty
  • Turbinectomy



  • Endoscopic-assisted browlift with facelift
  • Facial muscle lift; buccinator tightening (droopy lower cheek next to mouth),
  • Jowl lift
  • Neck lift and neck lipsuction
  • Lower lid canthopexy (the tightening of lower lid margin)
  • Upper lid blepharoplasty (the removal of skin and tightening of eye muscle)
  • Rhinoplasty with septoplasty (to straighten the septum dividing left and right nostrils) and turbinectomy (reduction or removal of an enlarged turbinate from inside the nose to improve breathing); correction of the malrotated lower lateral cartilage, reduction of the hump, and to improve nasal airway

This patient is a professional singer that was looking to restore a youthful and natural appearance that she once remembered having. With being in the entertainment industry since the age of fourteen and performing in front of hundreds of audience members regularly, Dr. Byun understood patient’s desire to bring back a young and lively stage presence.

Patient sought to improve the large, droopy circles underneath her eyes and sagging cheeks, which involved tightening the cheek and neck area muscles and tissues. Due to her tired-looking eyes, Dr. Byun chose to lift the lateral hood of the brow and skin of the upper lid while enhancing the depth of the upper lid crease, all through minimal incisions. She wished to improve the prominent hump on her nose and minimize the flare-up of the nostrils mostly due to a deviated septum and hanging columella.

The procedures included repositioning the brow and vertically redistributing tissue and muscles through a very specific and gentle multiple vector pull approach. Dr. Byun performed lower lid canthopexy in order to repair the dark circles underneath her eyes and tighten the lid margin and muscles. In order to improve sagging skin around the corners of the mouth, he then lifted the buccinators muscles to compress the cheeks tight to her teeth without pulling the mouth sideways. Unlike most surgeons who tend to approach the neck left through the back of the neck along the hairline, Dr. Byun vertically lifted the jaw area and approached the platysma neck muscle through the lateral part of the face. Dr. Byun believes that aging occurs vertically, and therefore approaches his work in a fashion that does not pull the skin horizontally in an unnatural way. Dr. Byun’s delicate touch and skillful hands allowed the patient to shed years from her appearance, allowing her to feel fresh, energized and comfortable performing in front of her large crowds.

“How can I express the gratitude that overwhelms my spirit each time I gaze into the mirror? To see the sparkle in my eyes restored, a smile once forgotten remembered and a beautiful new nose that only you envisioned as God intended. And with the ghost of old age now banished from my neckline, I see the reflection of my youth— a better, softer version of myself— startling, magical, miraculous. I now possess a face by Byun, and even my creator is impressed. Thank you from the bottom of my grateful heart, and the best of everything to you and yours.”


1005 A
  1005 B
  • The patient is a healthy female who would like to improve excess lines. She does not want to obtain drastic changes at this point. She has quite significant ripples on the central face from the lower eye cheek to the mouth area that will improve with the muscle lift and face lift from the side and superiorly to be lifted. Patient does not want to change the eye shape at this point. She is lacking slight volume from the cheek area
  • Procedure: Patient had the endoscopic-assisted face and jowl lift and mscle lift, fat graft from the abdomen to the face, cheek and nasolabial fold.
  • Photos taken3-1/2 month after.
1005 C
  1005 D
before   after  
1013 A
Facelift Patient 2013 Before
1013 B
  Patient Submitted After Photo

1013 C
facelift ear before

1013 D
facelift ear after

  • Patient: Male who would like to improve the facial aging, also he want to look similar a younger version of himself without pulling the skin too much.
  • Procedures: Endoscopic-assisted brow lift, Midface lift, Jowl/Neck lift, Lower and Upper eye blepharoplasty, Liposuction chin

The ear lobe cannot be cut and replaced; the skin and muscle inferior to the ear lobe have to be lifted to reduce tension along the ear lobe. This is the reason why quick skin based facelift will always cause a bad appearance of the ear lobe.

Dr. Byun has been the pioneer and one of the very first to work on mid facelift or muscle lift of the face since 1997. As a matter of fact Dr. Byun was the first to perform the surgery at Northwestern University in 1998 and his video of ' VECS' was first presented to the American College of Surgery in 1998. His presentation of Vertical lift, Endoscopic assisted, Composite muscle flap Suspension technique ( VECS) was its first at Chicago plastic surgery meeting in 1998. Since then, he has been perfecting his method of face muscle lift for almost 20 years.

1014 A
Facelift Patient 2013 Before
1014 B
  • Patient: female
  • She had a previous fat graft to lower eye area by another doctor, which resulted in puffiness, irregular scar tissues and lumpy area to be visible. She also had nose surgery by another doctor. She feels that her nose is too boxy after the previous surgery.
  • Procedures: Corrective Rhinoplasty, Endoscoptic-assisted Midface composite left jowl lift, Brow lift, Nec lift, Canthopexy, lower blepharoplasty, Shaving and removal of the previous bulging fat graft from the lower lids, upper blepharoplasty, Dermabrasion to the nose scars and the right temple scars.
  • After photo taken at 5 weeks post. The patient is shown in the after-photos during the early stages of healing without make up. She continues to observe progress toward her optimal results.
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