Dr. Michael Byun

Chicago Plastic Surgeon


The patient had previous gynecomastia excision surgery by other doctor through the areola where the areolar tissues were stuck down to fascia making a very bizarre appearance especially upon exercising of the pectorals muscle.


The Liposuction procedure has gained widespread popularity over the last 10 years. Also, some reality television shows have portrayed Liposuction as a relatively simple procedure. As a result, some patients may get the incorrect impression that the procedure is a commodity and all plastic surgeons have the same skills and expertise.

The before and after pictures of the patient above illustrate Dr. Byun's expertise and difference from other plastic surgeons. This patient not only wanted to remove unwanted fat deposits in his abdomen but he also wanted a better defined abdomen or what some may call 6 pack abs. Simply peforming a liposuction procedure would not have resulted in such dramatic results. Instead, Dr. Byun with his expertise in Vaser Liposelection in conjunction with his proprietary etching technique, helped the patient achieve his desired result to have a better defined abodomen.

The frontal view shows the diamond shape rectus. The lateral view shows the oblique muscles. There is no sagging skin, no dimples, or rippling. All you see is a natural look of a defined abdomen and oblique.


As a result of Dr. Byun's expertise in Vaser Liposelection, this patient achieved his desired result to remove unwanted fat deposits underneath his chin and near his jawline. Since Vaser has the added benefit of tightening the skin, there is no sagging skin around the area where the Vaser Liposelection procedure was performed.




Diagnosis: Gynecomastia, Abnormal overgrowth of Fibrofatty Tissue

Procedures: Liposuction around nipple area, resection and removal of excess fatty tissue


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