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Art work by Dr. BYUN

As the Creator of the Reverse Facelift Method, Dr. BYUN’s work is unparalleled. This is why he was voted

“The Facelift Guru”

Luxury Aesthetics & Reconstructive Muscle Repair
by Esteemed Plastic Surgeon Dr. BYUN

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“While traditional facelift techniques tend to make the aging face appear wider, my focus is on making the face smaller as I reposition components of tissue back up north, and in toward the midline, where those tissues originated. The result is a more vibrant-looking face, which is what we focus on achieving. The ‘BYUN Method’ reconstructs the aging face—it’s not a facelift; it’s a muscle repair surgery.” -Dr. Michael BYUN

Dr. BYUN’s Technique is Different

It yields results that last forever. A true “reset!”


After (Patient Submitted)

4 Years After (Patient Submitted)

Results that Never Fade

Dr. BYUN says, “STOP Everything!”

Over 10,000 Facial Restoration Procedures the BYUN way… 1 Doctor


There are some young patients who can benefit from Dr. BYUN’s Famous Muscle Restoration technique as early as their 20’s.  You may be thinking about a ‘facelift’ due to early drooping which can be linked to genetics, major weight loss, congenital defects or unfavorable bone structure.


Dr. BYUN’s Famous Facelift and Muscle Repair Technique isn’t just for Grandma. If you’ve become dependent on filler or if you’re experiencing the normal signs of aging earlier than expected, then Dr. BYUN’s Face Restoration may be right for you. Set the tone for being able to age more gracefully from here on out.


It can be tough to find the perfect time for surgery, but Dr. BYUN will always encourage patients to have procedures done sooner rather than later, because not only will you curb the aging process, but you will also be able to bounce back sooner and enjoy results longer. You will age more slowly than your twin sister or cousin. (plus the ‘reset’ will be less dramatic of a change – so your friends and family will ask what you’ve been eating and your personal trainer’s name)


Is life just starting to settle into place where you’ve had a second to actually stop and look in the mirror? Noticing stress and life’s wear and tear on your face? With kids away and retirement right around the corner, now may be the best time to plan a ‘reset’ with Dr. BYUN and his team. Repair your facial muscles back up and into their original location – where they were when you were 29.


Turn back the hands of time with Dr. BYUN’s Famous Facelift Muscle Repair Technique. Challenge him with a photo of your younger self and let him get to work. With results so natural, your friends will ask what you’ve been eating.


Does your face no longer match up with your personality and energy? You belong at Dr. BYUN’s office where age is TRULY, just a number. Restore your ‘mansion’ in the most natural and physiologically correct way possible. Look like YOU after surgery, NOT a cookie-cutter pulled apart version.

patient 8170 pre op photo B&W
patient 8170 post op photo


Is this the start of a new chapter for you? At Dr. BYUN’s office, it’s never too late to take out a new lease on life. Continue to inspire the people around you. Dr. BYUN loves being a part of restoring his patients’ youth and witnessing them achieve their goals.

Dr. BYUN is a MAVERICK in the industry.

Dr. BYUN broke ground in 1998 when his revolutionary facelift restoration procedure was developed. Since then, his technique has been proven to last longer than the traditional facelift procedures with superior results.

When the Young, Bright Prodigy Evolves into the Great Seasoned Master…

Enter: Dr. Michael BYUN

Highly regarded Professors at the prestigious Northwestern University did not know what to make of this young boy genius from South Korea on referring to a facelift as more appropriately ‘facial reconstructive surgery’ or even more understandably and simply as ‘MUSCLE REPAIR for the aging face’.

While you might think this nuance in language is subtle, it actually clarifies 2 very salient points in the mind of the potential cosmetic patient: one, it shatters the stigma of ‘getting work done’ for the sake of vanity; after all, your muscle has been damaged to the point of sagging or even dangling off the bone under the skin. You must realize, in the eyes of Byun, this is simply a corrective medical procedure to the aging process. And two, it differentiates the actual medical procedure itself as being totally and distinctly different from that of other Plastic Surgeons’ methods as a breakthrough establishing the ‘BYUN Method’ as the vanguard for attaining a more organic, natural, beautiful result.

You will still look like you. And that’s the difference.

Keep Exploring His Work

Composing Art with Surgical Precision
Is How He Invented His Reverse Facelift Technique in 1998

What Happened?!
She Should’ve Went to BYUN!

Say it isn’t so… it’s hard to believe Madonna really wanted to change her look so drastically. The new face Madonna revealed at the 2023 Grammy Music Awards was the talk of the town. Probably the talk of every town everywhere across the globe. Fans expressed shock, sadness and very little support. Comments on social media became a mini-battle over what defines beauty.

Image Credit: chriswegerCC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Five Things You MUST Stay Away From When It Comes to Your Face

Normal Facial Tissues
Abnormal Fat Graft to Face
Abnormal Fat Graft to Face
Abnormal Fat Graft & Fillers to the Face

WARNING: All of the following contribute to abnormal aging:
Fat Grafts, Fillers, PDO Threads, RF/Lasers, and Facial Implants.

How Will You Explore Dr. BYUN’s Work?

Dr. BYUN is an Artist, Scientist, and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has performed over 10,000 Face Restoration Procedures.

Becoming BYUN

Learn more about the BYUN Family and their very long and established history of forging new pathways in finding revolutionary creative and scientific solutions. Explore what has made Michael BYUN into the spectacle he is today.

Admire His Art

When medical genius meets mindful artist, you get a talented surgeon like Dr. Michael BYUN. Did you know that Dr. BYUN actually paints portraits of many of his surgical patients? Does he paint their pre or post surgery image, or both? Explore the gallery to see more of both his Art & Surgical works.

Be Taught His Technique

After creating the BYUN Reverse Facelift surgical technique over 25 years ago, Dr. BYUN has spent his time perfecting it. Read how he has carefully broken it down in a way for patients to understand what sets his technique above all the rest.

Learn His Legacy

Once you truly get to know Dr. Michael BYUN, you will agree that there’s no end to his creativity and ability to raise the bar when it comes to quality and holistic approaches. With his continued leadership in medicine, he hopes to someday win the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

Unmatched Aesthetic Outcomes
That Have Been Proven Over Decades

“When you look at a flower or fine art, it’s a very biologically inclined notion of what is beautiful. For me, it’s all about maintaining the right proportions.”

– Michael BYUN, MD

First to Discover
the Hidden Secret

BYUN Difference

What is a Facelift?

Between extreme commercialism and gimmicky marketing, the term facelift has actually become quite confusing.

Dr. BYUN Focuses on 4 Areas of the Face (4 Zones):

  1. Zone I is the neck and lower face (best for someone with a “turkey neck”).
  2. Zone II is the mouth area (best for someone with a marionette line, or a sad/mean look).
  3. Zone III is the midface (best for someone with a tired look/dark circles, heavy smile lines).
  4. Zone IV is the upper face (best for someone with a hooded brow, forehead lines, upper eye)

Age Better, Forever with Dr. BYUN

Voted Facelift Guru

And Now, the $200,000 Face-Lift

Luxury cosmetic procedures reach next level prices.

by Tatiana Boncompagn

As the famous F. Scott Fitzgerald line goes, the rich are different from you and me — and apparently so, too, are their face-lifts.

My $46,000 Plastic Surgery Quote

Two cosmetic surgeons explain what it takes to be camera-ready, Kardashian-style.

by Adrienne Gunn

I’m not Instagram pretty. I don’t have thick brows arched over perpetually startled doe eyes. My eyelashes are stumpy, and the one time I tried to boost them with a growth serum, I ended up with a patch of coarse blond hair under my eyes that was very painful to pluck. Even though, sure, I’d love to look like I’ve been drawn by some guy at Pixar, my pores, wrinkles, scars, and spots betray me. On average, my selfies spark approximately 76 likes. And if I had to say what celebrity I most resemble, it would be Gwyneth Paltrow’s second cousin. You know, the one who’s Cheesecake Factory pretty.

And that’s just fine with me.

Dark Circles Fixed by Signature BYUN Midface Lift

As we age, the muscle underneath our eyes stretches, thins out, and droops.

Eyelid Surgery Can Help You Look Younger

The eyelids are often the first area of the face to show signs of aging.

Tips to Choose a Great Plastic Surgeon

One of the most important parts of the plastic surgery experience is finding the right plastic surgeon.

An Acne Scar Solution You Wouldn’t Expect

Dr. BYUN uses two side-by-side techniques to achieve meaningful, long lasting results.

Michael BYUN


No, you can’t turn back time — but Byun can make you look like you did. Dissatisfied with both the outcome and the longevity of the traditional face-lift, Byun developed an endoscopic method that hikes not the dermis itself but the midface muscles underneath. Ten thousand patients later, his process is nothing if not precise.

The procedure entails tethering two sets of dissolvable sutures from incisions in the hairline and temples to the cheek and jaw muscles. Once the sutures are in place, Byun gently tugs at them to coax the muscles upward, thus tightening the sagging skin on top.

Patients can expect to look like younger, fresher versions of themselves, with a major reduction in the appearance of jowls, nasolabial folds, and sagging in the upper cheek and lower eyelid area.

Most impressive, though, is the procedure’s reported longevity: 15-plus years, versus the 10 of a traditional lift.

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Dr. Michael Byun

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