A Testimony of Recovery (Letter from a patient)

Dear Dr. Byun,
Six months have passed since Lim had his horrifying falling accident. Life has gotten back to normal and we almost have forgotten the shock and disturbances the trauma brought us.

Now in front of you is an ordinary healthy man with a once badly avulse laceration nicely healed, a once broken nose rebuilt, a once knocked off tooth now replaced, and once punctured bruised eyes now blink normally. With and beyond these, the spirit has resumed and a normal life is being enjoyed daily.

A note of thanks to you seems to a bit belated. Yet the gratitude to your good judgement on the optimal treatment plan at the critical time and our appreciation to your professional information imparted and personable attitudes imbued have always been kept in our hearts. As a patient and a family member, we want to let you know that what you do daily and what you say to each patient make a difference, not only to physical healing but to spirit recuperation as well.

We hope you continue to find great satisfaction and rewards in your professional career. And we hope you can remain to be one of the few physicians in your field who are willing to utilize and share cosmetic surgery expertise with the general public at large. Plastic surgery is not only about beauty and aesthetics, now we understand. It is about good health, confidence and quality of life which we should all be entitled to and enjoy.

Attached is a collage of the pictures taken during the thirty days after the mishap. It tells of how health, hope and color in life were gradually restored. It is a testimony of recovery and also our memento of gratitude. Thank you!


Lim & Yung Chan