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The BYUN Difference

With over 25 years of experience as a cosmetic surgeon, and incorporating his experience as a trauma surgeon, Dr. BYUN is considered a global expert and leader in facial enhancement procedures.  Dr. BYUN meticulously customizes treatments based on multiple factors, all while using his signature Muscle Repair Technique, which lifts, and repairs muscles that have been damaged over time, due to the natural aging process, or poor outcomes from the use of thread lifts, fillers, and/or fat grafts.  This innovative Muscle Repair Technique is specific to Dr. BYUN.  He is the only surgeon utilizing this advanced, revolutionary surgical treatment, which was developed by him during his residency at Northwestern University. Repairing the muscles as well as moving the skin will give you long lasting results. You are setting the clocks back, and will age with a solid, youthful foundation. Your aging will be “better” than others, because Dr. BYUN is taking your muscles back to where they once were. With such emphasis on repairing the muscles, Dr. BYUN also focuses on returning the tissues and muscles back Up and In, vs the standard surgeon’s Up and Out. Going Up and In spares your skin, and keeps you looking like yourself, while also appearing younger and refreshed. When your tissues are pulled Up and Out, you look unnatural and tight, creating the “wind tunnel” look. Since most other plastic surgeons are only touching the skin, the results are quite temporary, and most patients will need a touch up in a matter of years. Dr. BYUN is proud to showcase the changes he’s made in many clients, but also that his results last for years.

“I would love to match your outward appearance with how you feel.” -Dr. Michael BYUN

“The Works” by BYUN
(Full Face & Neck Restoration)

Are you beginning to notice the wear and tear signs and other effects of aging? Ages 40-60 is the best time to restore and maintain your facial features. Restore your entire face and neck with “The Works” which addresses all Four Zones. Carefully crafted by Chicago’s Top Plastic Surgeon, there is a plan for everyone. Discover the BYUN difference below:

  1. Zone I – Neck & Lower Face: (Best for Someone with a “Turkey Neck” – Platysma Muscle from the Neck to the Face)
  2. Zone II – Mouth Area, Chin and Jowl: (Best for Someone with Marionette Lines, or a Sad/Mean Resting Expression)
  3. Zone III – Midface, Lower Eye & Cheek: (Best for Someone with a Tired Look or Dark Circles, or Heavy Smile Line(s) called Nasolabial Folds)
  4. Zone IV – Upper Face, Forehead, Upper Eyes & Brows: (Someone with Heavy Lids, Sad Eye Shape, Hooded Brow or Forehead Lines)

BYUN Signature Muscle Restoration

Zone I (Neck & Lower Face)

Other Surgeons: Pull platysma (neck muscles) sideways (back toward your ears), leave a large scar on either side of your head near your ears, and visually widen your neck because the muscles are pulled sideways to a non-organic location.

Dr. BYUN: Tucks the platysma muscle back Up and In to its original location, restores the neck’s shape and contour, makes two small incisions that are well hidden from sight, and repositions the muscles with an endoscope and small surgical instruments.

This patient had the Works done (Zones I-IV). Notice the change in her neck shape and size.

If you had a Zone I Restoration, it is important to note that during your healing process, crepey, wrinkled skin is common, and to be expected. You may see your muscles move, or your skin appear more wrinkly as you talk, swallow, and turn your head. This is due to the neck being a hollow, cylindrical structure. The skin needs extra time to mold to its new form, as it has less of a sturdy base than the forehead or cheeks. This will reduce as you heal, and your new neck will slowly show.

The patient above also had “The Works” (Zones I-IV). The width of her neck improved tremendously, perfectly blending with her delicate features.

Zone II (Mouth/Chin/Jowl)

Others:  Pull the skin and muscles Up and Out, widen the mouth area and pull it sideways towards the ears, and cut a large amount of skin away.

Dr. BYUN: Tucks muscles back Up and In, muscles are returned to the place they were before the aging process began, uses skin to firmly hold the muscle’s restored form and structure, and uses very small incisions that are well hidden in one’s hairline.

Zone III (Cheek/Under Eye)

Others: Pull the skin and muscles Up and Out, widen midface and cheek area by pulling them sideways towards the ears, cut a large amount of skin away after the pulling, make a large incision (spanning from your forehead, past your sideburn, past your ear and down to the back of your head).

Dr. BYUN: Tucks muscles back Up and In, muscles are returned to the place they were before the aging process began, uses skin to firmly hold the muscle’s restored form and structure, and uses very small incisions that are well hidden in one’s hairline.

The patient had a Midface Lift, which focuses on Zones II & III. Notice how everything is lifted, while still appearing natural.

Zone IV (Forehead/Brow)

Others:  Pull the skin and muscles Up and Out, make the forehead larger or cut a large amount of skin away, leave a large scar all the way across your forehead, and leave you with a shocked or surprised “pulled” expression.

Dr. BYUN: Tucks Muscle back Up and In, returning it to and not past its natural origin, uses skin to firmly hold the muscle’s restored form and structure, uses very small incisions that are well hidden in one’s hairline, does not leave you with a larger forehead size, and gives you back an expression that’s natural to YOU. Each Zone currently (2024) starts at $30,000.

Midface Muscle Restoration
(Midface Lift)

Are people telling you that you look tired? Restoration of the “midface” usually provides the most noticeable difference for the most amount of people. Undereye hollowness and heavy nasolabial folds disappear with the repositioning of the midface muscles.

BYUN Expression Restoration
(Corrects a “Mean” or “Sad” Resting Expression)

Do you appear mad or sad when your face is at rest? You’re likely a victim of aging. Turn that frown upside down with Dr. BYUN’s famous reverse facelift and muscle repair. As we age, our muscles lose elasticity and tensile strength. As muscles comply with the laws of gravity, they dangle away from the spots they used to be. Dr. BYUN’s repair focuses on placing the muscles back to the position they were before the aging process began (back to their origin).

Corrective Face Surgery and Trauma Reconstruction Surgery

Have you been left feeling dissatisfied with your surgical results done elsewhere? Dr. BYUN takes on MANY revision cases when patients feel stretched, pulled apart, and distorted from procedures of the past. Although Dr. BYUN loves a challenge, the complexity will end up costing you extra money and time.

Due to Dr. BYUN’s extensive history as a trauma surgeon, he is happy to take on cases regarding trauma to the body and face. Dr. BYUN feels that these are some of the most rewarding procedures to perform. Explore Dr. BYUN’s expertise in Trauma Reconstruction Surgery here.

Bone Structure Contour
(Mandible, V-Line)

Both men and women can benefit from this procedure. Dr. BYUN’s craniofacial and trauma surgery experience leads him to be an expert in procedures that redefine the relationships between bone and surrounding tissues.

Natural Chin Augmentation
(Without Chin Implant)

Desire a pointier chin or maybe one with more projection? Dr. BYUN can achieve
these goals for patients in the most physiologically correct way.

Others: Place a chin implant. 90% of chin implants cause problems. Implants shift, twist and can even get buried into one’s bone or work their way out through one’s gums.

Dr. BYUN: Repositions muscles to accent one’s natural structures in a way to feature them the as one would like them to be accented.

Body Work

Includes Liposuction, Lift, & Tuck

Learn how Dr. BYUN’s technique is a notch above the rest. His focus is always on safety, long term results, and aesthetically pleasing outcomes.


Includes Augmentation, Lift, Reconstruction & Reduction

Bring your goals to Dr. BYUN and let him leave you speechless. Whether its small scars, symmetry, or a certain look you desire, Dr. BYUN will listen and propose the best surgical plan for you. Learn what sets Dr. BYUN apart from the rest.


The BYUN Difference

Dr. BYUN works closely with his handpicked team of Board Certified Anesthesiologists.  The anesthesia type is decided by this team.  Oftentimes, general anesthesia or LMA (laryngeal mask anesthesia) will be used.  Sometimes, a lighter ‘colonoscopy-type’ sedation can be used.  Many factors are considered when determining the best anesthesia type, such as medical history, the patient’s anatomy, procedure type, procedure length, etc.  Our top priority is, and always will be, safety; and second to that is comfort.

Additional Anesthesia Information

Anesthesia is an art.  Patients should have safe and comfortable sedation that allows for optimized surgical results.  Preventing excessive movement during surgery is important for obvious reasons; high levels of pain during surgery can increase one’s blood pressure, which can negatively impact the outcome of the surgery, due to extra stress and swelling.  An appropriate airway management system will be specifically selected.  Continuous airway monitoring is necessary to protect the airway, making sure patients are well oxygenated, avoiding any type of aspiration.  An SCD (surgical compression device) is used to massage your calves during surgery to prevent blood clots from forming. 

Dr. BYUN has not only perfected his surgical skills, but he has also given much attention to protecting his patients throughout the whole surgical process, which includes anesthesia.  Dr. BYUN will be your biggest advocate when it comes to safety.  

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