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Q: What concerns were your patients reaching out about the most during quarantine?

A: What’s actually very interesting is that many patients called to improve their face despite constantly staying at home. Why? Because of the utilization of zoom conferencing across all fields. Through zoom conferencing, people say that you can actually see the aging in the face mercilessly through the video. The double chin area, drooping skin on the neck, the way the corner of your mouth may hang… all of it can be visualized more dramatically. Zoom culture is adding additional pressure for many people to look better than they did pre-pandemic.

Q: What treatments are they coming to get now if you’ve reopened?

A: In May and June there was a surge of requests about facial related procedures. Many patients seemed to have taken the time during quarantine to think about doing a facelift, rhinoplasty, etc. etc. Because of quarantine, many people are taking advantage of the fact that they can stay home to recover and that you can cover up any swelling with a mask.




    Downtown Office
    1 East Erie Street Suite #530,
    Chicago, Illinois 60611

    North Shore Office
    1775 Walters Avenue
    Northbrook Illinois 60062

    Chicago Cosmetic Surgery Downtown Office Location: 

    • The parking structure nearby is the one located on 10 E. Ontario Street 
    • After parking, take the elevator down to the ground floor then exit the structure and take a right turn onto E. Ontario street 
    • Make a right turn at the corner of E. Ontario Street and N. State Street 
    • Then, make a right turn at the corner of N State Street and E. Erie street
    • 1 E. Erie street will be located on your right 
    • Make your way into the lobby straight until the elevator doors 
    • Go to the 5th floor 
    • Dr. Byun’s office is located in suite 503, a right turn once you get off the elevators.