Expression Lift

What is Dr. BYUN’s Famous Expression Lift?

Over the years, many people state that they look sad, angry, tired, or mean as they age. Most of these people also recognize that they don’t feel the way they look. Chicago’s Top Plastic Surgeon Dr. BYUN is the master of his famous Expression Lift, which matches your outside to your inside. Using his signature Up and In technique with a muscle repair, your features will appear softer and more youthful, taking away any harsh exterior. Let your inner self shine through with the one and only BYUN Difference.

Patient 2046

This patient wanted to improve her tired, mean look. After world famous plastic surgeon Dr. BYUN’s Expression Lift, she looks more energetic and youthful. This is all based on a muscle lift with less skin resection.

Patients often choose to add upper eye, brow, and the neck area since the recovery time for additional procedures are about the same as the face muscle repair. Dr. BYUN calls this a ‘muscle repair’. Some patients also opt to add another Zone to their expression lift.

Dr. BYUN focuses on 4 areas of the face (4 Zones):

Zone I – Neck & Lower Face: (Best for someone with a “turkey neck” – the Platysma Muscle from the Neck to the Face)

Zone II – The Mouth Area, Chin and Jaw: (Best for someone with a Marionette Line, or a sad/mean look)

Zone III – Midface, Lower Eye & Cheek: (Best for someone with a tired look or dark circles, a heavy smile line(s) called Nasolabial Fold)

Zone IV – Upper face, Forehead, Upper Eyes & Brows: (Someone with heavy lids, sad eye shape, hooded brow or forehead lines)

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