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STOP Right There… The Five Things You MUST Stay Away From When It Comes to Your Face

Understanding the AGING Process and its Effects on Facial Structure

As you may have noticed, many “trendy” remedies try, but fail to fix the effects of aging. The two most obvious effects of aging are volume loss and decreased muscle elasticity. Understanding the aging process and its effects on facial structure can help you gain insight into Dr. BYUN’s artistically integrative mind. The significant decrease of elastin and collagen production as we age causes our muscles to droop. Droopy muscles present themselves in the form of droopy brows, heavy upper eyelids, hollow under eyes, under eye bags, deep marionette lines, jowls and loose neck tissue; all which contribute to a mean, tired or old appearance.

To think that stuffing an area of the face with synthetic fillers and fat, or that shrinking skin with damaging lasers will help the root of the aging problem, (or even look good in 5 years) is fundamentally flawed. These trendy procedures are not only a temporary bandaid for the aging face, but they actually expedite the aging process by damaging tissues and making the face heavier.

Dr. BYUN says, “Stop Everything!”

Dr. BYUN has been teaching this very simple, yet important concept for over 25 years; “STOP Everything and JUST Age!” Don’t let bad cosmetic procedures be performed on you because you will be chasing problem after problem until you’re no longer recognizable. Dr. BYUN teaches this to everyone he can including his students and residents at Northwestern University. Yes, everyone ages. But every ‘minor’ cut, pull, injection and fat transfer add up and negatively affect one’s ‘normal aging.’  No, you don’t have to age like a grandma, you can age gracefully with a Face Restoration, which is 180° different from a Facelift. The popular buzzwords such as vertical lift, deep plane lift, etc are all pulling the tissues apart from where they came from. Fat grafts leave lumps and migrate south, especially with multiple treatments. Man made pharmaceutical products should NOT be stuffed into the face due to making the face heavier thus expediting the aging process. PDO threading and skin tightening lasers all create scar tissues and damage your tissues.

ALL of these nonsensical procedures should be stopped immediately. Surgeons, dermatologists, and other related titles should honor human facial tissues, not pump them up, burn or destroy them. Do NOT let any surgeon pull your facial tissues away (up and sideways), and definitely do NOT let them add anything to, or subtract anything from your face. The only way Plastic surgeons should be repairing the face is by placing the tissues back to where they came from. DIRECTION is what has Dr. BYUN standing out amongst his peers. While 99% of surgeons will pull the skin, muscles, and other tissues up and away (towards the ears), Dr. BYUN places the muscles back up and IN towards the MIDLINE of the face; back to where the muscles fell from in the first place, honoring the orientation of the tissues, their insertion, and origin of muscle fibers. He does not pull them away, but telescopes them back into layers. Dr. BYUN visualizes the aging muscles from underneath via endoscope during this procedure. He sees facial tissues from the inside out, not the outside in. This is the most physiologically correct way to repair the ‘aging’ face. 

Dr. BYUN is considered a global expert and leader in facial enhancement procedures. Aging normally over the next 20+ years after the repair is the true BYUN difference.

You may be wondering, how is he the only surgeon using this technique? The answer is found in the before and after photos of many surgeons. Other surgeons choose to showcase very young patients and neglect to show how they age over time. Their faces aren’t restored, if you look closely, you can see the patient’s displaced muscles. They can look “good” for a short period of time due to swelling, and the temporary benefits of fat grafts and/or fillers BUT, eventually, they age into an abnormal face.

If you have these above issues, you will be a good candidate for Dr. BYUN’s restorative repair surgery. If you have been delaying face surgery because you have seen so many bad facelifts out there, you have come to the right source. Dr. BYUN will honor your tissues and put your aging tissues back to their native position, so you will look normal and age normally forever.



This procedure goes by many names: facial fat grafting, facial fat rejuvenation, and in some cases, a vertical facelift. A Fat Transfer is a surgical technique in which fat is removed from one area of the body (via liposuction) and placed back into another area (via injection). This technique is scarily growing in popularity because of its seeming ability to increase volume to areas of the face where volume has been depleted over time.

Normal tissue appearance
Abnormally large fat cells (yellow)

Exhibit Photos: This patient had a fat transfer to her face. Here are the endoscopic photos from her facelift procedure with Dr. BYUN.  Photo 1 shows normal tissue appearance and photo 2 shows the abnormally large fat cells (yellow) that have grown over the years. These fat cells have the ability to either overgrow or shrink and calcify. Both of which result in abnormal tissues with lumps and depressions.

WHY? In order to understand the dangers of facial fat grafts, one must realize that the face is an extremely delicate area and should be treated as such. Over time fat transfers cause calcifications, irregularities, lumps and uneven skin texture. Gravity pulls fat cells downward causing them to migrate and create a heavy, droopy face. For these reasons, Dr. BYUN strongly recommends against the use of fat transfers.

Exhibit: This patient received Dr. BYUN’s famous Face Restoration to correct displaced volume. NO fillers or fat grafts used!

INSTEAD: Take advantage of Dr. BYUN’s Famous Face Restoration Procedure to restore displaced and depleted volume.


Dermal Fillers are an easily accessible facial treatment for volume loss. Synthetic gels are injected into the facial tissues to add volume to desired areas

Exhibit: After years of filler injections, this patient, a model from New York, started to experience a heavy and droopy face due to filler migration. She noticed a more masculine face shape and came to Dr. BYUN for a facelift to reposition muscles and attack the root of the problem at its source. The second photo is from after Dr. BYUN removed what filler he could and performed his muscle restoration procedure.

WHY? Fillers have a track record for complications. Nodules and lumps can occur under the skin. Synthetic fillers can age you faster! In many cases, it causes the muscles to bulge, making the face appear heavy, giving it a wider and rounder sagging appearance. Additionally, contrary to its claims, filler does not get completely absorbed by the body. In fact, recent MRI studies show that synthetic fillers do not fully dissolve or metabolize, but rather remain in the skin and migrate away from the intended target area.

Can the filler just be dissolved? The dermal filler dissolver, known as Hyaluronidase, does not fully dissolve dermal filler, and it can actually harm surrounding tissues. The use of Hyaluronidase is not safe for everyone as it can cause allergic reactions and interfere with certain medications.

Having been in the industry for over 20 years, Dr. BYUN has seen first-hand that dermal fillers actually cause more harm to tissues and surrounding anatomical facial structures than one would expect.

INSTEAD: Take advantage of your body’s own ‘natural filler.’  The benefits of using PRP (platelet rich plasma) has been widely used for decades. Discover Dr. BYUN’s trademarked application; DERMAL SPIN™ See an improvement in volume and muscle tensile strength. An increase in facial muscle tensile strength will aid anti-aging, as muscles will be less prone to drooping.


Skin lasers are well-known and widely used in the beauty industry. Many lasers on the market today claim to tighten skin and diminish age spots and wrinkles, however, buyers beware, because the mechanism of action used is generally the same for all lasers; Heat and/or Radiofrequency.

WHY?  Cells are alive and skin is living tissue. In order to age gracefully, one must protect and preserve their tissues which are made up of cells.  Heat and Radiofrequency ultimately damage cells therefore causing trauma to the tissues. Lasers also damage cell proteins which lead to a dull and leather-like appearance. Side effects associated with lasers and the cellular damage they cause include, infection, hyperpigmentation, hypopigmentation, and scarring. Thus, further adding to the reasons why Dr. BYUN does not recommend the use of lasers.

INSTEAD:  Use more manual tissue stimulation such as, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, medical grade peels or PRP microneedling to name a few.


A Thread Lift (also known as a ‘non-surgical facelift’) is a type of minimally invasive facelift procedure that is terrifyingly trendy due to its instant results. The procedure uses surgical sutures under the skin to suspend tissues up in hopes of lifting sagging skin and contouring the face. What could go wrong?

exhibit thread lift

Exhibit Photo: This patient has had multiple thread lift procedures and even years after, you can see abnormal scar tracks and damage to the tissues. This patient’s facial muscle movements have been compromised and she states that she no longer looks like herself.

WHY?  Thread Lifts only provide a temporary improvement in appearance and more often than not, lead to complications as you age. For many patients, the short-term side effects include poor results, discomfort, abnormal scarring and skin irritation. In some cases, cysts can occur from sutures that work their way out of the body. In the long term, abnormal aging and abnormal tissue rippling from scar tracks are inevitable for most patients that fall victim to this procedure.

Dr. BYUN has seen countless patients who have had former thread lift procedures done. These patients come to him to be fixed or repaired from the effects of the thread lifts. Although Dr. BYUN loves a challenge, his Face Restoration surgery naturally becomes more difficult, as he has to maneuver through abnormal scarring, and displaced tissues.

Because of the complexity of these cases, the cost of surgery nearly doubles. INSTEAD:  Treat yourself to Dr. BYUN’s famous Muscle Restoration procedure, where muscles and other tissues are placed right back to where they fell from (before the aging process began).


Implants are widely used and widely regretted. The use of implants allows one to achieve more chin projection, cheek projection, increased forehead convexity or to increase the nasal bridge height. All of this can achieve a more “balanced” profile.

Exhibit Photo: This patient presented with lumpiness after her cheek implant procedure. Her body was beginning to reject the implant that was placed, as well as age the patient faster.

exhibit facial implants

WHY?  A disturbingly large number of people who get these implants regret it. Implants tend to shift, which causes an abnormal look. Since they are placed under the mentalis muscles, they can actually deteriorate the bone. In some cases, implants are rejected by the body and work their way out to the surface, and can come through the inner lip area where the gums meet the lower lip or out from the tip of the chin. Redness and swelling often occur as the body’s natural reaction to rejecting the implant.

INSTEAD:  Using his famous Facelift techniques, Dr. BYUN can focus on one or two of his signature Zones to create the desired shape, naturally, and without placing a foreign object in the body.

Exhibit Photos: This patient has received chin enhancement results from the BYUN Lift and NOT from a foreign body or implant.

SUMMARY:  In summary, Dr. BYUN urges his patients to avoid the temptation of using fillers, lasers, fat transfers, threads and implants to the face, as these trendy quick-fix solutions will become problematic in the long run. Years from now, a significantly larger amount of money will need to be spent to remove these quick-fix solutions solely to remove them and to repair the face and muscle tissues. Avoid throwing your money away on the procedures above. Age naturally, then let an artistically talented plastic surgeon who respects the aging process, work with you to restore your youth in the most physiologically correct way. Achieve your restorative goals with his famous BYUN Lift.

What Dr. BYUN Recommends Instead

The most natural and safe alternative to these gimmicky procedures is Dr. BYUN’s most popular and sought after procedure, The BYUN Muscle Lift.  This is not your traditional Facelift. The BYUN Lift is an Anti-Aging Face Restoration Surgery that turns back the hands of time. This uniquely specific surgery relinquishes you from the Fears & Faux Paus of the Plastic Surgery Industry because of the natural and restorative look that’s achieved.

Dr. BYUN repairs and repositions the muscles beneath the skin by lifting them upward and inward. The BYUN Lift addresses the effects of aging at the source; muscle sagging. While other surgeons pull the skin and muscles up and out, distorting the face; Dr. BYUN repairs and repositions the muscles back up and in towards the midline of the face.  Simply put, Dr. BYUN places the muscles back to where they were before the aging process began. This highly specific technique allows him to achieve a rejuvenated and youthful appearance that’s unique to every individual. You will look like YOU, and not someone else.

Not Ready for Surgery?

Want to start the anti-aging process but aren’t ready for surgery? Dr. BYUN prefers to focus on natural and organic anti-aging treatments that are safe for all patients. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments are a more natural approach than fillers and fat transfers.  Dr. BYUN’s trademarked application of PRP is called, DERMAL SPIN™. These treatments use your own blood to increase elastin and collagen production. Dr. BYUN prefers to use PRP as a natural filler, to amplify the natural growth factors that your body uses to heal and restore tissues. PRP treatments help your skin regenerate faster, without the risk of an allergic reaction or skin sensitivity.

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