Facelift Hesitancy?
We Know Why!

The Desire

Have you been thinking about restoring your image for quite some time now, but are terrified of ending up with that ‘cookie cutter’ bad facelift look? The reason why you haven’t done a facelift yet is because you haven’t found a surgeon that is able to restore your image. As you look through before and after photos, you notice that muscles are still heavy, faces look wider, mouths are pulled sideways and large scars on the sides of the face are impossible to hide. You don’t want your facelift to be obvious, you just want to look beautifully restored. Let’s dive a little deeper into what that means.


Beauty is intuitive to onlookers. You don’t need to be a “Beauty Expert” to recognize Beauty. Dr. BYUN once said that “Appreciating beauty is innate. Even a child can recognize something off putting from something beautiful. It’s all about proportion.” When you see something beautiful, you recognize the extraordinary in it. We’re naturally drawn to people and things because of the way they look. Why? One reason, as discovered and presented by Leonardo Fibonacci, is the Fibonacci Sequence. Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician who became famous for recognizing a common sequence in nature. In this particular sequence, later coined the “Fibonacci Sequence”, each number is the sum of the two preceding numbers. These “Fibonacci numbers” appear in nature often enough to prove they reflect naturally occurring patterns of beauty. See the examples found in nature below.

Fibonacci Reborn

Even though Fibonacci died over 775 years ago, he has been reborn through the BYUN Face Restoration. As we age, our faces “melt” down and out. Restoring one’s youth is a matter of placing muscles and tissues back up and in towards the midline.

Dr. Byun is able to restore his patient’s back to their more youthful sequence with his famous Face Restoration Procedure. Dr BYUN does not tent or pull, but simply puts one’s tissues back into their original sequence to improve proportions. While other Surgeons pull the face up and out sideways, Dr. Byun restores it back up and in towards the midline to restore one’s naturally youthful sequence. No other facelift utilizes this method that can restore you to YOU and not distort or pull you.

Can Your Doctor Do This?

Image A: This before photo shows that Fibonacci’s Sequence had been distorted or “melted” as the aging face loses elasticity and starts to fall.

Image B: This after photo shows that Fibonacci’s Sequence has been restored to its original form. Tight, firm and back in towards the midline.

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