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Dermal Filler Options

Dr. BYUN does not recommend fillers of any form. This includes popular treatments such as Restylane®, Juvéderm®, Radiesse®, etc. The fillers migrate (downwards), and accelerate the aging process by adding weight and unwanted volume to the face. Consistent use can lead to drastic changes to the face, even creating a boxy/square jawline. Therefore, we do not offer those services. The only filler option we provide is lip filler, as the filler will not migrate, or accelerate the aging process. We do offer effective, natural alternatives to filler that create structural changes, while still keeping you looking like you.

Dr. BYUN loves the use of PRP treatments as they prove to be a fantastic alternative to fillers. He prefers to focus on natural and organic anti-aging treatments that are safe for all patients. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatments are a more natural approach for anti-aging treatments, rather than the use of fillers and fat transfers. These treatments use your own blood to increase elastin and collagen production. Dr. BYUN would prefer to use PRP as a natural filler, to amplify the natural growth factor your body uses to heal and restore tissue. The PRP treatment will help your skin to rejuvenate faster, without the risk of an allergic reaction or skin sensitivity. There are a few treatment options including: PRP Injections, and PRP Injections with Dermal Spin, also known as Microtunneling.

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Below is an example of a patient with filler complications, corrected by Chicago’s Top Plastic Surgeon Dr. BYUN. The patient was unhappy with the heaviness of her face, as well as how square her face was becoming due to prolonged use of fillers. Dr. BYUN was able to restore her face back to a more desired appearance by using his signature Muscle Repair Facelift.

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