Liposuction Before and After – 2

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  • 4052 ABefore
  • 4052 BAfter
  • 4052 CBefore
  • 4052 DAfter

A long-scar armlift, or commonly known as brachioplasty, is an old, traditional way that a large number of surgeons still perform when it comes to arm surgery. However, this is a last resort for Dr. Byun due to the long, deep cuts that are required that ultimately result in permanent, apparent scars. After observing lasers over many years and being one of the first to operate with them, Dr. Byun has consistently produced successful results through Vaser liposuction using the circumference approach. Using this procedure, Dr. Byun removes the fat, creates a very natural, appealing shape, and tightens the skin. This approach leaves no virtual scarring, and requires little down time.

  • 4054 ABefore
  • 4054 BAfter
  • Procedures: Lipoplasty of the upper and lower abdomen and the lateral flank area
  • After photos taken at 3 months post
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