Michael BYUN, MD
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“A smart woman goes to a good plastic surgeon. A very smart woman goes to an outstanding one. Dr. BYUN gave me back my youthful, natural look through his amazing, artistic muscle-lift technique. Traveling so far was more than worth it because Dr. BYUN makes every step of the journey with you.”

With gratitude, G. Maxwell – London, England

“I am a nurse who traveled all the way from New Zealand to see Dr. BYUN because no one here can do what he does. He lifts facial muscles and puts them back where they belong. Look at my photos on his website. It’s been 2 years since my face lift and I remain delighted with all he did for me. Cheers!”

Robbyn, RN – New Zealand

“The youth I feel in my heart shows once again on my face. Thank you, Dr. BYUN!”

Yolanda Hagan – Waipahu, Hawaii

“Excellence. This distinction belongs to a rare class of individuals that reach beyond expectation and practice. He does not cut and shave things away, he adds to your soul.”

Philip Graubart – Chicago

“Dr. BYUN has the magical touch of restoring youth.”

Estrellita Jung – Mt. Prospect

“I am a recovering alcoholic. I drank very heavily from the age of 30 to 39. I sometimes feel that I lost a whole decade. I am now dedicated to pursuing a healthy mind, body, and spirit. I am now 47 and have been sober for 8 years. Thanks to Dr. BYUN’s wonderful skill as a surgeon I look 30 again. I have a second chance to live those years over again. Reborn is how I feel.
Thank you so much, Dr. BYUN!”

Dane Chase – Illinois

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