Patient Testimonials

“Best surgeon ever! I recently had my second rhinoplasty performed by Dr. Byun. This was a procedure that took me over ten years to schedule due to my anxiety regarding the possible complications of a second surgery, my first experience was not a pleasant one. Dr. Byun earned my confidence on my first visit by demonsrating his masterful artistic skills as well as a clear definition of what I should expect and what was possible for me aesthetically. I am four months post-op and I am THRILLED with the results. Not only did I get what I hoped for, Dr. Byun exceeded my expectations! For those of you considering any type of cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, I selected this office for the following reasons:

1. Artistry. If you are going to have cosmetic surgery, it is vital that you choose a doctor with an artistic eye. Vital. Dr. Byun is a tremendous surgeon with unparalleled artistic talent. You may think that all plastic surgeons have visual artistic talent, they do not. Dr. Byun is a rare find.

2. Expectations. When choosing a doctor, you must select someone who is not afraid of telling you what is truly possible as a patient. Dr. Byun is an expert at balancing the patients wishes with the reality of surgery. The Doctor will tell you exactly waht is possible, and what is not. As his patient, I can assure you that the results are nothing short of phenomenal!

3. The Office Staff. One of the most pleasant things about choosing Dr. Byun was his office staff. Both the front desk and his surgical support staff were always helpful, accommodtating and professional. This is a HUGE bonus for any patient. His staff is a huge source of professionalism and comfort. This makes tremendous difference in your overall experience as a patient.

In closing, I cannot say enough positive things about Dr. Byun. I am happy to have my photograph taken again for the first time in years, and I am no longer unhappy when I look in the mirror! All thanks to my good luck in finding Dr. Byun. Make your appointment! You won’t be disappointedt” – Melissa H.

“I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle and suffered severe face and head injuries. I am a business attorney. I was referred to Dr. Byun by a colleague who is a nationally recognized plaintiff’s medical malpractice attorney. Dr. Byun exceeded every expectation I had. My surgery was a complete success. Dr. Byun was responsive, compassionate, and exceptionally skilled. I would refer him without exception to anyone.” – Lawrence R, LaSusa, President of LaSusa Law Offices, PLC

“There is an old adage” Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” For an independent , liberated Professional woman like myself that beholder is me; myself . And I believe there are many progressive woemen out there who think like me . As I crossed my 65 Yr milestone in life; nature worked its usual way and despite my Good Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle my mirror showed that jawline was sagging, neck was gathering folds in wrong places and once upbeat cheeks were beating a downward retreat. All humans; specially the women have the same perpetual hunger for youth and beauty almost the same spirit and intensity as it is for food and sustenance. And keeping with that sentiment I was preparing myself mentally and emotionally for regaining my youthful look. But deep in my Psyche was this gnawing concern “what if Facial cosmetic surgery changed my facial expressions” Being a physician I knew that face with its 57 muscles of expression brings about myriads of emotions on our face; the perceptions which connect us to the world. Face after all is the mirror of our mind. I wished to look youthful without compromising my facial expressions and persona; so crucial to my daily interactions with my patients, colleagues and buisness associates. I consider myself fortunate; in that over the 35 years of my Anesthesia career I have had the opportunity to work with several skillful cosmetic surgeons. In my 10 years of association with you Micheal; a conviction took root. And that was that when it came to facial Plastic surgery you have the Philosophy I so believe in “Resurrect the youth without compromising the expression” What in simple language you called as “soft Touch” preserving personalty versus “Extreme makeover” For me that was the meeting of minds and building of the trust. The Facial Cosmetic surgery Youperformed on me lasted 90mins. I trusted your skills and underwent the procedure under local anesthesia only. There was no Pain or discomfort. I slept through the entire procedure as if floating on the fluffy clouds. Since there were no anesthetic drugs involved; there were no aftereffects of any kind. Two days late , I took off my dressings and reflected upon the whole experience. I could not help but share my sentiment with you in that small note I sent entitled “Touched by an Angel” Deciding to have facial cosmetic surgery is committing yourself to a form of “Transformation”. You wish to regain youthful appearence hoping that it will not change your facial expressions critical to your persona. Taking care of many a cosmetic surgery Patients over the years, I have always admired those who are the realists – they bring their pictures when they were younger and strive to get there being themselves . Then there are those who bring pictures of models and celebrities and wish it duplicated. I feel that may be a difficult aspiration; even though a sincere and skillful surgeon wishes only to do the best. Finally, my experience reminds me of what Winston Churchill once said “There is nothing wrong with the change; provided that change is in the right direction” As for myself; I ever remain Thankful to you for taking me to the journey of the change in the right direction; youthful appearence with preservation of expression & Persona’ with the very special ‘Touch of an Angel’.” – Sincerely, Radha Sukhani, M.D, River North Anesthesia Consultants, SC.

“Mi nombre es Shirley Lozano, quisiera dar mi testimonio acerca de mi experiencia con el Doctor Byun para mi el fue como un ángel en mi camino. Todo comenzó hace meses atrás cuando tome la decisión de ir fuera del país a realizarme una abdominoplastia y una liposuccion a la misma vez, cuando salí de esta cirugía todo parecía estar bien después de dos semanas el cirujano me tuvo que volver a abrir que para quitarme un pedazo de piel que estaba muerto al parecer era necrosis, pero según el no era nada grave cuando me cerro la insicion me la dejo con dos huecos grandes ,despues de este incidente yo decidí volver a chicago que es la ciudad donde resido por los últimos 15 anos , después de una semana que vi como se empeoraba mi herida empece a buscar ayuda llamando a cuanto doctor cirujano plastico encontraba en el internet sin obtener ningún resultado ya que todos me decían que me fuera a un salon de emergencia que lo sentían mucho pero que ellos no se harían cargo de una persona operada fuera del país ! para mi suerte llame donde el Doctor Byun y gracias a Dios Nicole su asistente le dio mi mensaje y le explico mi situación y enseguida el accedió a verme , me puse tan feliz que de inmediato me fui a verlo como ellos me dijeron, era mi única esperanza después de tan amargo tiempo que pase , inmediatamente lo vi , me metió a la sala de cirugía y me dijo que tenia que limpiarme y que iva tomar tiempo pero que todo iva a estar bien, no me quedaba mas que confiar en el, después de dos semanas de tratamiento llego el dia de volverme a operar para limpiarme la infección que tenia por dentro y por fin tratar de cerrar mi herida ,lo cual resultaba un poco divicil después de tantas veces que me abrieron la misma area del cuerpo ya que antes de estos procedimientos tuve dos cesarías. Finalmente me opero y la operación fue un éxito el me salvo porque es un ser humano extraordinario que no solo piensa en el dinero como muchos Doctores sin escrúpulos lo hacen sino en cambio en el bienestar de las personas. Hoy en día que ya me estoy recuperando me dio cuenta del peligro que corrí y del riesgo de haber dejado mis hijas sin su mama, gracias a Doctor Byun por ser una gran persona antes que un gran cirujano plástico!” – Shirley Lozano.

“A smart woman goes to a good plastic surgeon. A very smart woman goes to an outstanding one. Dr. Byun gave me back my youthful, natural look through his amazing, artistic muscle-lift technique. Traveling so far was more than worth it because Dr. Byun makes every step of the journey with you.” – With gratitude, G. Maxwell – London, England.

“When making a life changing decision, you should only consult with the best. I would like to present to you my doctor, the world’s best plastic surgeon, Dr. Byun.” – Shawna T.

“I am a nurse who traveled all the way from New Zealand to see Dr. Byun because no one here can do what he does. He lifts facial muscles and puts them back where they belong. Look at my photos on his website. It’s been 2 years since my face lift and I remain delighted with all he did for me. Cheers!”

– Robbyn, RN – New Zealand

Patient Testimonial

“The youth I feel in my heart shows once again on my face. Thank you, Dr. Byun!”
– Yolanda Hagan – Waipahu, Hawaii

“Excellence. This distinction belongs to a rare class of individuals that reach beyond expectation and practice. He does not cut and shave things away, he adds to your soul.”
– Philip Graubart – Chicago

“Dr. Byun has the magical touch of restoring youth. Let the magic begin with Chicago’s best plastic surgeon Dr. Byun.”
– Estrellita Jung – Mt. Prospect

“I am a recovering alcoholic. I drank the age of 30 to 39. I sometimes feel that I lost a whole decade. I am now dedicated to pursuing a healthy mind, body, and spirit. I am 47 and have been sober for 8 years. Thanks to Dr. Byun’s wonderful skill as a surgeon I look 30 again. I have a second chance to live those years over again. Reborn is how I feel. Thank you so much, Dr. Byun!”

Patient Testimonial

“I suffered a brutal attack in February 2004. Near death, my limbs and toes were severely frostbitten and I lost a portion of the back of my scalp. Dr. Byun saved my feet and face. Today, I am an active mother chasing after my young children.”- Terri Jendusa-Nicolai, featured on 20/20, NBC News, ABC, and WGNTV Chicago.

“I would like to introduce you to my plastic surgeon… Dr. Michael Byun. I came to Dr. Byun after having made some unfortunte cosmetic surgery choices… Only Dr. Byun had the expert knowledge to deal with these challenges. He took the time to explain his aesthetic vision and understand my demanding aesthetics as a former model and pageant contestant. He is and will remain, my first and only choice.”- Tara B.

“My sister, Mary, was in a traumatic car accident that left her face paralyzed. She wouldn’t look at herself in the mirror because she was going through a state of depression. My five sisters and I had to do something for her. At that moment, God sent us an angel! Mary received a facelift and the browlift as well as muscle repair on her face. Her self-esteem was restored again through Dr. Michael Byun.”
– Dorothy Russell and sisters of Mary Schmitt, Chicago Tribune, 2004

“I’ve seen Dr. Byun’s work through my friends who had facelifts and body procedures. I wanted real opinions from my art class students, since kids don’t lie. I got assurance from my students’ thumbs-up reactions after seeing before and after photos through his Web site. They all loved it. Now that the surgery has been done, I don’t think I could be any happier. His mid facelift technique is masterful!”
– Elyse Martin

I believe a lot of people have misconceptions about plastic surgery in terms of all results looking ‘unnatural’. After seeing the work Dr. Byun performed on my mom about 6 years ago, I knew he was the only doctor that I could trust; his work was so organic and natural-looking. By choosing Dr. Byun as my surgeon, I’ve discovered that plastic surgery does not have to look ‘plastic’. If I went back in time, I’d make the same decision all over again.” – Kathryn F., Northbrook

“I am six years out from my surgery. No one guesses I am 64 years old. It’s almost like it gets better and better. I am not afraid to comb my hair back away from my face, no lines on my forehead, no bangs to hide my forehead. I love my face, it looks so natural. Thank you so very much.” – Mary Ellen Tartara, Ohio