Acne Scar Repair

Fixing Acne Scars with a Midface Repair Technique

Lasers and fillers don’t do much to change the appearance of acne scars.

Dr. Byun uses two side-by-side techniques to achieve meaningful, long lasting results. He uses subcision and his famous midface muscle lift.

He removes scars that are pulling down on each acne pit by releasing that tissue through a small incision. Then he performs his midface muscle repair to support the skin once all the depressed pit marks are released. Lifting muscle and skin in conjunction with the subcision technique decreases the pitting appearance by making the scarred area smoother. Subcision alone and fillers will never make these marks go away since they will collapse at the same spots causing the skin to pit all over again.

You can find out more from our nurses and coordinators. They will listen to your concerns and take note of your goals. They will ask you if you had any previous surgery and procedures that were done in the same area in the past since it will change Dr. Byun’s recommendations for you. They will let you know which techniques are the best after reviewing your case and photos with Dr. Byun. They will educate you about the procedures, what to expect after surgery and its prices. Contact our office, we can’t wait to hear from you.