Arm Lift Surgery

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  • Brachioplasty. An upper arm lift arm lift, bilateral arms
  • Patient sought out the reduction of arm bulking that was difficult to get rid of without surgery.

Q: How does Dr. Byun do the liposuction on thighs and arms? Does he cut and lift or use the conventional thigh and arm lift techniques (brachioplasty)? Will he correct the mistakes of other surgeons? How does he do it? Why don’t others use his techniques? 

A: Dr. Byun has contributed to the field of plastic surgery by creating a staged body lift with a 360 degree liposuction, also known as the “Circumferential Lipoplasty”, and this “reverse Nike logo pattern” skin and thigh lift. This incision shape and mechanism will improve your body shape to last you a lifetime. 

Often, conventional thigh lifts by amateur surgeons leave very visible scars along your groin area. Other surgeons often think that they can aggressively lift the thigh like a tube, but this is simply not the case. As patients exercise, the scars will get wider and the skin will start to pull down. Patients often get ripples of skim accumulating at their inner thighs a short period after surgery.

This is why Dr. Michael Byun does his Circumferential lipoplasty along with a specially designed incision to remove and lift excess inner thigh skin once and for all. He removes skin in this area directly and will pull it towards the crease on your buttock moving from the inside of your thigh, leaving almost no visible scars. 

On the homepage of our website, there is a video with a young woman who recently lost a lot of weight and this unfortunately left a lot of loose skin. She had a thigh and arm lift, as well as abdominal skin tightening and Dr. Byun’s circumferential lipo in stages. See her before and after photos!