Butt Augmentation Chicago

Who is a Candidate for Butt Augmentation?

For men and women who desire a more balanced physique or simply want curves where there are none, buttock implants are a real option. This procedure improves buttock contour by increasing protrusion and molding the buttock into a rounder and fuller shape, giving the appearance of a “lift” in the buttock area. While fat implants can shrink or simply become reabsorbed by the body, a buttock implant will not change over time and is a permanent enhancement of your buttock.

Butt Implant Surgery Details

The implant is made of solid silicone and has a soft, natural feel like that of well-toned muscle. Implants are available in several sizes in both round and oval shapes. It is typically inserted beneath either the gluteal muscles or the muscle fascia. This procedure takes only about an hour and a half and is performed under general anesthesia. The incision will be located in the midline area of the buttock so it will be obscured from view. It does not affect sitting as the incision is located away from the bony areas of the buttock to prevent discomfort. If additional contouring of the area is desired, Dr. Byun can perform liposuction in the buttock area in conjunction with the implant to maximize results.

We have provided a sample copy of an Operative Report. The procedure is subject to change per the patients needs.

Butt Augmentation Patient Case Study

PREOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Hypolastic gluteal muscle, bilateral

POSTOPERATIVE DIAGNOSIS: Hypolastic gluteal muscle, bilateral

OPERATION: Buttock augmentqaiton with gluteal implants, bilateral


Indications for surgery: The patient is a ___year old female who would like to improve the contour of the buttock area. She works out, but she cannot get the volume at the gluteal region where implant augmentation was requested.

After, the induction of general anesthesia, she was placed on the OR table in a prone position. Pressure points were guarded, and a 5 cm incision left and right along the sacral region was opened as a curvilinear incision making a V shape. The area was injected with 0.25% Lidocained with epinephrine. A total of 50ml were injected. Subcutaneous dissection was carried out first, and then the gluteal fascia was opened bilaterally. The silicone implants was measured by the moulage kit. These silicone implants were inserted in the supragluteal muscle plane. Good symmetry was appreciated. No tethering of skin was noted. The incision of a V shape along the sacral region was closed down to the fascia so that the scar will be prevented from widening, and this was done using 3-0 Vicryls bilaterally. The skin was closed using a 4-0 Vicryl in a running fashion. A bulky dressing was applied. Tape was applied to stabilize the placement of the implant where the symmetry was found to be satisfactory intraoperatively, and a garment was applied to atabilize the area. The patient tolerated the procedure well, extubated, and transferred to the recovery room in a good standing.

Butt Augmentation Recovery

Recovery time varies between patients, but most patients can expect soreness for several days if the implant has been inserted underneath muscle. Walking has been seen to expedite recovery, as it stretches the muscles in the surgical area, so it is recommended.

Do not bend at the knee, this will stretch incision at the tail bone area. Don’t squat down, again this will cause tension at the incision line. A “donut” will be needed for sitting when using the bathroom. Clean incisions as directed in the first page of this packet. Keep compression garment on for the first 48 hours, then you may shower. After your shower, immediately put clean/laundered compression garment back on. At your follow up visits, Dr. Byun will determine how long the garment will be needed. Clean gauze may be used to cushion any irritated areas from garment. Expect swelling and pain as your body heals and be sure to consult with Dr. Byun before resuming any activities.