Chemical Peel Chicago

Chemical peel is a procedure used with a chemical solution that improves the texture of ones face and helps remove the damaged layers of the skin.

Chemical Peel Procedure

The chemical peel procedure is performed with a chemical known as AHA (alpahydroxy acid) used usually for light chemical peels that smoothes out the skin and provides brighter looking skin. The TCA (Trichloroacetic acid) is used only for medium deep peels which helps treat facial wrinkles , and superficial blemishes. Phenol is a chemical used for deep peels, usually used for people with deep wrinkles, blotchy or sun damaged skin and pre-cancerous growths. Chemical peels are performed for patients who want to not only enhance their appearance, but boost their self confidence. This chemical peel can also soften any acne scars and helps control acne from returning.

Chemical Peel Anesthesia

No anesthesia is provided for chemical peels because the chemical peel only involves the removal of the dermis and sometimes the epidermis which is the first two top layers of your skin.

Chemical Peel After Care

After care with all chemical peels mean no sun exposure. Make sure to put on sunscreen to protect the new sensitive layers of the skin, any time you leave the house. After the AHA chemical peel you will experience some redness, and temporary flaking of skin. Redness and dryness may also occur. However, with the medium to heavy peel, (TCA, and Phenol) the physician may possibly prescribe a mild pain medication to relieve any throbbing pains. After the procedure is performed the face may be slightly swollen and may look like a severe sun burn.