Facelift Chicago

Facial enhancement is a delicate art, that, if performed correctly, will leave you looking rejuvenated instead of artificial, windswept or “frozen.” Dr. Michael Byun Chicago facelift doctor with extensive experience with facial enhancement and has performed countless facelift surgeries throughout his career. Thus, he is well versed in all the latest techniques necessary to make your face look the best it has ever looked.

What Is The Chicago Facelift?

Facelift ChicagoFacelift involves removal of excess skin along with rearrangement and repair of the tissues and muscles beneath the skin of the face, especially the cheeks, to restore a youthful, resilient quality to facial contours. The procedure helps to eliminate sagging and wrinkling in the cheek and jaw area.

Facelift Candidacy

You may be a good candidate for facelift if you are bothered by one or more of the following:

  • Sagging skin in the mid and lower face
  • Deep skin folds between the nose and the corners of the mouth
  • Fallen or displaced fat
  • Jowls
  • Excess fat under the chin – i.e., a “double chin”
  • Skin laxity and excess fat on the neck – i.e., a “turkey neck”

You should be in good overall health, not smoke and have reasonable expectations of the procedure.

The Chicago Facelift Procedure

A traditional facelift is performed on an outpatient basis with anesthesia. Dr. Byun makes  several short incisions near the hairline at the temples. Excess skin is removed and the underlying muscles and tissues are lifted and tightened to create more youthful contours. Fallen or displaced fat is repositioned. The tissues and skin along the jawline are tightened to add more definition. Excess skin and fat can be removed from the neck to get rid of a “turkey neck.”

Facelift Surgery ChicagoDr. Byun takes a different approach compared to most surgeons by addressing the “midface,” the cheek area beneath the eyes. Drooping skin in the midface can cause noticeable folds between the mouth and nose. This area is often ignored during facelift procedures, despite the fact that it is a concern for many facelift patients. Dr. Byun believes that treatment of this area is key to restoring balance and youthfulness to the face.

Chicago Facelift Recovery

After facelift, a bandage is placed around the head. Facelift specialist Dr. Byun provides comprehensive instructions for when to change the bandage and clean the incisions, and medications to use to reduce the risk of infection. He will also advise you as to how long to take off from work and when it is safe to resume socializing, exercise and other normal activities.

Common facelift aftereffects include:

  • Headaches
  • Tightness in the scalp area
  • A small lump behind the ear
  • A lump along the hairline
  • bruising
  • Swelling
  • Blurry eyes
  • Dizziness
  • Clogged ears
  • Shooting nerve sensations
  • Numbness

The forehead does not usually bruise, but it is possible to get black eyes from this procedure. Three days after surgery you can apply makeup to the surgical site to disguise bruising. For the first two weeks, avoid any clothing that pulls over your head. In addition, you cannot wear earrings for one month. If you color or perm your hair, be sure to do so before the surgery. You should not apply chemicals for six weeks following surgery.

During your initial recovery, you should keep your head elevated at all times, including while you sleep. You should sleep on your back propped up on two to three pillows.

Will I Have Scars From a Facelift?

Facelift scars are usually very discreet because they follow the natural hairline. Facelift Chicago Dr. Byun can provide scar management techniques and product recommendations to help scars fade.

How Long Do Facelift Results Last?

Facelift turns back the clock but does not stop the natural aging process or the effects of gravity. Remember that despite the aging process, you will always look better than you would if you did not have a facelift.

Can I Combine Facelift With Other Procedures?

Facelift can be performed in combination with other procedures such as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), brow lift or nose reshaping. Some patients choose to combine facelift with laser skin resurfacing or other non-surgical treatments to improve the quality of the skin.

Schedule a Chicago Facelift Consultation with Dr. Byun

For more information about the cost of a facelift and facelift surgery, please request a consultation with Dr. Byun by contacting his Chicago practice today.

Additional FAQ

Q: Hello Dr. Byun, I am 72 years old. Am I too old to have your signature facelift? I want to look young again but I’m afraid the years are definitely visible on my face. 

A: Not at all, age is just a number around here! I will match your outward appearance to your youthful energy. After my procedure, I bet you will feel 40 years old again. Connect with us through the website chat box and we will see your photos and work from there. Once we get your photos, you can visit me to create a plan for your face, learn more about my procedures, and receive before and aftercare instructions. The photos below are all patients that are in their late 60s and 70s. I would love to match your outward appearance with how you feel- Dr. Michael Byun.