Lip Fillers Chicago

Pouty lips are considered to be a sign of youth and an icon of sensuality.

Our lips thin as we age and the volume loss creates wrinkles around the mouth and the appearance of premature aging. By plumping up the lips and reducing fine lines around the mouth, we can now restore your youthful features and make a remarkable difference in your appearance.

Lip augmentation can significantly make your face look younger, softer and sexier.

At Chicago Cosmetic Surgery, we will create a lip augmentation program that is personally suited for your needs. Utilizing state-of-the-art laser, skin tightening radio frequency devices and injectable materials, we can revitalize your mouth and give you fuller well defined lips.

Chicago Cosmetic Surgery would like to introduce a longer-term solution for lip augmentation called K.I.S.S.™ (Knifeless Inradermal Suture System). K.I.S.S. is a minimally invasive procedure performed under local anesthesia that provides body and definition to your lips with nominal downtime. In conjunction with small amounts of injectable material, we can provide the contouring and shape that you desire.

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Lip Augmentation

Lip fillers create instantaneous volume in one or both of our lips. The change can be dramatic, giving you a fuller younger looking mouth. Through injection or implant, lip augmentation enlarges or fattens the outer portion of the lips, called he Vermillion. Augmentation softens fine lines within the lips and can reshape the cupids bow or better define you lips’ edges.

Lip Injections

Most injectable lip treatments are temporary because the body eventually reabsorbs the material. Treatments are quick and easy to repeat, so people that are pleased with the results often choose to continue them.

Longer lasting treatments considered semipermanant involve the injection of hybrid material, (Restylane, Bioform, Radience)

Most injections involve a very simple process and little to mild discomfort. The procedure can be performed in the office with simply a local anesthetic. The procedure takes only minutes and will last for several months.

Lip Implants

Lip augmentation with implants is semi-permanent or permanent. Two types of implants are available for this procedure: injectable and solid implants. Injectable implants are those consisting of tiny synthetic particles suspended in injection fluid. The Bio-implant is an injectable that contains treated donor fat or collagen.

Implant augmentation involves more planning and is slightly more invasive. If the decision is made to transfer fat to the lips, a harvesting procedure will be performed prior to the procedure that is similar to liposuction. If a solid implant is used, this is considered minor surgery and will require some pre and post operative management.

The K.I.S.S procedure involves dissolvable suture material in the lips and provides longer lasting results.

What should I expect?

Lip augmentation procedures produce an instant change in your appearance. You’ll leave the office with fuller, curvier lips. Depending on the procedure some extra swelling will be expected and temporary bruising is possible. Some sensitivity is also expected however these side effects will diminish in the first week.

How Long Will It Last?

Although it varies from person to person, temporary injectable lip treatments such as collagen last 3-4 months. Hyaluronic acid in the lips lasts 8-9 months. Suture techniques have been known to last 12-18 months and the solid implant is considered permanent.

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