A Recent Blepharoplasty Consultation

Recently, I had a consultation with a prospective patient for a Blepharoplasty. This procedure is performed on the upper or lower eyelids to correct the bulging fat pads, extra or sagging skin, repair muscle, and to ease away that “tired” look.

I was horrified to learn that another doctor recommended cutting and removing the skin from under her eye area all the way to her temples to remove the bags under her eyes. In other words, you may no longer have the bags but you will have a noticeable scar on each side of your face. When I later found out that the doctor who made the recommendation is a gynecologist and not a board certified plastic surgeon, this did not surprise me.

Below is an example of a successful lower Blepharoplasty. Notice that the incisions are barely noticeable. Also, the patient’s eyes have not been altered. They are the same eyes with a refreshed, natural look.

Gynecologists should not be performing plastic surgery. Only a board certified plastic surgeon with the training, knowledge, and experience should be performing plastic surgery. This patient’s result is not by accident. As top plastic surgeon, I have performed thousands of Blepharoplasties and the results speak for themselves. I am expert on all aspects of the face and body. I combine my knowledge, experience, and artistry to get the best results for my patients.

If your accountant makes a mistake because he/she is not familiar with a particular tax law, you may lose some money and time. But if a doctor who is not trained in facial surgery disfigures your face, it could have potentially disastrous effects on your life. Don’t risk your beautiful eyes to someone who is not trained or someone who took a weekend course.

I feel that some patients go to alternative sources to try to save money. If money is the primary concern, I recommend not getting the surgery. This is especially true when the doctor’s recommendation does not make sense to you or it contradicts generally accepted procedures. After all, we are talking about your face, body, and health.