What Is Mommy Makeover?

Mommy makeover in ChicagoMommy makeover describes a combination of plastic surgery procedures intended to reverse the physical changes brought about by pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you wish you could reclaim your pre-baby body, mommy makeover with Dr. Michael Byun may be a very gratifying experience for you.

Procedures Typically Included In Mommy Makeover

Nearly every mommy makeover includes procedures to target the breasts and abdomen, the areas that are typically most changed by pregnancy and nursing.

Tummy tuck tightens the abdominal muscles that have stretched or separated during pregnancy; it also removes excess skin and fat from the front and sides of the waist. Dr. Byun begins the procedure by creating an incision on the lower abdomen, just above the pubic hairline. Through the incision he tightens the abdominal muscles, stitching them together in a corset-like fashion. He selectively removes unwanted fat and trims excess skin that may hang or sag off of the torso. Dr. Byun can also improve the appearance of a stretched-out belly button. Once he is happy with the shape of the abdomen, he re-drapes the skin more smoothly over the tissues.

Liposuction may be added to mommy makeover to target the flanks, hips, buttocks and other areas of the body that have accumulated fat during pregnancy and not responded to diet or exercise efforts.

In terms of the breasts, some women are disappointed to find that nursing robs them of their natural volume. Implants can be placed as part of mommy makeover to add volume and shape to flat or “deflated”-looking breasts. Other women find that their breasts enlarge during pregnancy and remain disproportionately large after they finish breastfeeding. Breast reduction may be incorporated into mommy makeover to remove excess skin and tissue and improve the proportion of the breasts to the rest of the body.

It is also incredibly common to experience breast sagging (i.e., “ptosis”) after pregnancy and nursing. For this reason, breast lift, which repositions the breast tissue higher on the chest in a perkier arrangement, is a mainstay of the mommy makeover. The procedure can also reduce or reposition the nipples and areolas if desired.

Your Mommy Makeover Treatment Details

Your mommy makeover will be specifically tailored to your unique circumstances, taking into consideration what you hope to look like after surgery. Dr. Byun might recommend combining your desired procedures into one operation, or staging them out into separate surgeries depending on your personal preferences and any health or medical constraints. There are pros and cons to each approach, all of which will be discussed in consultation with Dr. Byun.

To take the first step toward recapturing a slim, sexy physique after children, please contact Dr. Byun today and request an appointment.