What’s the Best Way to Improve the Definition of Your Chin?

Improve Chin DefinitionThe definition of your chin plays an important role in your overall facial attractiveness. If your chin is weak or receding and does not balance out the rest of your features, it can detract from your appearance and possibly cause you to feel self-conscious or embarrassed.

Luckily, Dr. Michael Byun, a highly sought-after plastic surgeon serving Chicago and beyond, can help improve the definition of your chin so it looks well-balanced with the rest of your features.

The Problem With Chin Implants

Traditionally, plastic surgeons have placed artificial implants in the chin to improve the chin’s shape, size and projection. Implants are highly customizable and can be placed through very discreet incisions for undetectable scarring.

However, Dr. Byun does not use chin implants. In his experience, chin implants are subject to a variety of complications. For example, they often shift position, contract, compress or harden, becoming more difficult to remove. In many cases, they become infected. Chin implants can even become buried into the chin bone due to weight from the mentalis muscle pushing on it (the mentalis muscle controls the central lower lip; it runs from below the lower lip to the lower part of the chin). All of these complications require additional surgery to remove the implant.

The Byun Difference™Chin Implants Chin Augmentation

Dr. Byun’s solution to chin augmentation without placing an implant is to stretch and lift the mentalis muscles. An avid believer in the power of the chin to influence the face’s expression, Dr. Byun is confident that his approach delivers the desired improvement while protecting patients from serious complications.

During surgery, Dr. Byun creates a tiny incision inside the lip and inserts an endoscope, or a long, slender tube with a camera at the end. The endoscope helps him to observe the internal tissue in more detail. Dr. Byun then uses a special instrument to stretch and lift the mentalis muscle and fill the space with the patient’s natural tissues. Dr. Byun believes that few other surgeons are able to achieve the natural-looking results he can with his tried-and-true techniques.

Schedule a Chin Augmentation Consultation

If you are interested in enhancing a weak or receding chin without a chin implant, you should schedule a consultation with Dr. Byun to determine the best approach. He can explain your options and recommend what will work in your case.