Why It’s a Good Time To Have Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery in ChicagoIf you’ve been thinking about updating your look with plastic surgery, this is the perfect time to do so. Not only are the fall and winter months ideal for undergoing and recovering from surgery, but the quarantine also creates circumstances that are beneficial for plastic surgery patients. Read on as Dr. Michael Byun explains the advantages of undergoing plastic surgery right now.

Fall and Winter Are Popular for Plastic Surgery

During a normal year, fall and winter are good times to undergo plastic surgery for a few reasons. In Chicago, those months range from chilly to freezing, and people tend to hunker down at home. Rest and relaxation are important after surgery, and easier to do during the slower months of fall and winter. The long holiday weekends mean that employees can take advantage of time off from work and recuperate from surgery.

Plastic surgery recovery also requires avoiding direct sunlight, which is not a concern during a Chicago fall or winter. When going outside, heavier clothing provides warmth and covers up compression garments and residual bruising or swelling. For instance, a bulky sweater can cover up healing breasts after breast lift or tummy tuck, and a scarf or turtleneck can camouflage healing signs of a facial procedure.

Lots of patients like to have surgery at the end of the year and reveal a new look in the new year. In the case of breast or body surgery, by the time spring and summer roll around, results have stabilized to allow for the reveal of a new “beach body.”

Plastic Surgery During the Pandemic

Thanks to COVID-19, this year is no ordinary year. But contrary to what you may assume, Dr. Byun is actually seeing an increase in requests for plastic surgery since the quarantine began. Many of our patients have extra disposable income since they aren’t eating out as much, traveling or going to concerts or sporting events. Some have accumulated vacation time that they aren’t using for travel, and those days can be allocated toward plastic surgery recovery. Finally, with remote working and learning, patients can easily recuperate from surgery without the pressure of rushing back to the office or having to hide surgical aftereffects from colleagues.

Dr. Byun and our team understand there is a lot of uncertainty right now and you may be second-guessing any elective surgery. We assure you that your safety is paramount to us, and we have made changes to our processes and protocols to ensure you stay healthy. If you have questions about how exactly we are promoting patient safety and wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic, we invite you to contact us. You can give us a call or send us an email today.