When the Person in the Mirror is No Longer You

Claudine was 49 years old when she started her work in the public eye as a community service officer. The years of gravity, sun exposure, and diet, along with a variety of other factors started to show in her appearance. She explained the day that she caught a glimpse of herself in her squad car mirror and realized that the person she had become on the outside no longer matched the person she was on the inside. Re- searching surgeons fora facelift is no easy task but after stumbling upon Dr. Michael Byun’s work, there was no need to look anywhere else.

Claudine saw how other surgeons can easily distort one’s face by pulling up and out, but this wasn’t the case with Dr. Byun’s patients. They looked so “natural.” The more “natural” look is due to Dr. Byun’s special vertical lift technique, in which he places one’s muscles back into the position they were before the aging process began. He calls it a repair. This “Byun Method” is entirely different from other surgical methods and is apparent when looking at his patients’ before and after photos. The superiority of Dr. Byun’s technique is intuitive of his work.

3 Weeks After Surgery

Prior to seeing Dr. Byun, Claudine sent in a photo of her face on a day when she wasn’t feeling herself. She had been considering a change because she felt as though her outward appearance no longer properly reflected her innerself. Upon receiving Claudine’s photo, his staff invited her to the office for a consultation. It was at the consultation that something miracu- lous happened. In the middle of Dr. Byun pushing and pulling on her face muscles, looking in the mirror, she exclaimed, “Wait, stop, that’s it right there, that’s what I’m looking for, that’s WHO I’m looking for, that’s ME!”

Anti-aging Plans

True multitasking is being able to have a meaningful conversation with a patient, while intently observing their facial expressions and fine muscle movements; this is something Dr. Byun does  exceptionally well. He watches to see how one’s muscles are working in unison to best come up with a highly specialized anti-aging treatment plan. Dr. Byun taught Claudine that her depressor muscles are stronger than her levator muscles and thus, a downward motion near her mouth region was being projected. This can give someone a sad or mad expression. (See below).

After a surgical repair of the facial muscles, Dr. Byun takes time to observe one’s posture with regard to muscle strengths and weaknesses. After careful analysis, he then acts as an “acting coach” for expression. This gives longevity to surgical results, and patients are able to age more gracefully than the first time. This, in conjunction with other techniques, creates a distinctive anti-aging treatment plan after surgery.

The Price of Perfection

How does one put a monetary value on a surgical procedure? Can a dollar amount be factored out from a patient’s level of satisfaction? Since “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” values can vary depending on one’s idea of perfection. During one of Claudine’s more recent visits, the question of monetary value for the procedure was brought up. Without hesitation, Claudine stated, “This means more to me than a million dollars, because this isn’t about money. It’s about what’s in ‘here’ (pointing to her heart). This whole journey has been about me and how I want to project myself. One simply cannot put a price on such an experience and change. Remember, he found me.”

More Than Surgery

One of the wonderful things about Dr. Byun is that once you’re his patient, he continues to monitor and care for you throughout the aging process. His focus is about maintenance and long-lasting results. Being Dr. Byun’s patient is a partnership. Claudine has this to say about their affiliation: “This has almost gone beyond a doctor-patient relationship, because of my high level of trust in him. Yes, I’ve had my doubts along the way, mostly in the form of seeing my swollen and bruised face after surgery, but I strongly believe that we’re partners in this. This is our face.”

Some people think they can just pay big bucks and get this perfect face, but with Dr. Byun, it is a relationship. Goals are thoroughly discussed and what you’re actually paying for is a surgeon, muscle coach, anti-aging master, confidant and a lifelong partnership all in one. Claudine is happy to say that Dr. Byun’s surgical skills have brought a new level of confidence, expression, and happiness; all of which money can’t buy. If you’re wanting a change like Claudine, become as educated as possible about the differences among surgeons. Have goals in mind, do your research, and then let Michael Byun help to make them your reality. He can find you too.

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