• 8 Major Signs of a Bad Facelift

    Have you been thinking about restoring your image for quite some time now, but are terrified of ending up with that bad, “surgical” look? The reason why you haven’t done a facelift yet is because…Read More

  • 6 Signs of a Bad Rhinoplasty

    Let’s Talk Rhinoplasties You may have been desiring to change the shape of your nose for quite some time, or maybe you’re just starting your research. Whichever category you fall into, it’s important to know…Read More

  • Facelift Hesitancy?
    We Know Why!

    The Desire Have you been thinking about restoring your image for quite some time now, but are terrified of ending up with that ‘cookie cutter’ bad facelift look? The reason why you haven’t done a…Read More

  • Age Well… Not Weak

    Fight the Filler Fad Fillers, fillers, fillers. They have been all the rage in recent years. I continue to warn patients that it’s a bad choice and strongly urge them not to fall victim to…Read More

  • Facing the Truth About Facelifts

    Why Madonna Looks So… Different Say it isn’t so … it’s hard to believe Madonna really wanted to change her look so drastically. The new face Madonna revealed at the 2023 Grammy Awards was the…Read More

  • Chicago 3 Dimensional Facelift, Before and After Facelift photo from Chicago's best cosmetic surgeon Dr. Michael Byun of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery

    How I Developed the 3 Dimensional Facelift

    During almost every facelift/face lift consultation, I am asked how I developed my 3 Dimensional Facelift (Reverse Facelift) where I repair the facial elements underneath the skin before I gently lift the skin around the…Read More

  • Plastic surgeon in Chicago

    Tips to Choosing a Great Plastic Surgeon

    One of the most important parts of the plastic surgery experience is finding the right plastic surgeon. A gifted and personable surgeon can give you the results you want while making your experience positive. If…Read More

  • Facelift Recovery

    5 Things to Know About Facelift Recovery

    Undergoing a facelift is an exciting process and the results are extraordinary. When you work with a well-trained, experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Michael BYUN, you can look forward to a rejuvenated appearance that turns…Read More

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