Dermal Spin™ via Microtunneling

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The Dermal Spin™ was crafted by global plastic surgery expert, Dr. Michael BYUN. The procedure uses a microtunneling technique along with blood products taken from your own body. Dr. Byun loves the use of PRP treatments and chooses them over fillers or fat transfers. His focus is always on the most organic and physiologically correct anti-aging treatments that are safe for all patients.  Dermal Spin™ uses your own blood to increase elastin and collagen production.  Dr. Byun would prefer to use PRP as a natural filler, to amplify the natural growth factors your body uses to heal and restore tissue.  This highly specialized and trademarked PRP treatment will help your skin rejuvenate faster, keep your muscle fibers tight and add volume without the risk of an allergic reaction or having to undergo a surgery.


A small amount of blood is drawn and placed in a sterile tube that is spun. The spinning allows the blood to be separated into different components. Platelets are a blood component that help tissues heal and grow new cells. Dr. Byun where uses an injection technique that “tickles” the muscles, and creates small pathways, or “tunnels”, that allow for the PRP to enter and absorb within the muscles and surrounding tissues to promote collagen and elastin production and to rejuvenate and tighten the tissues of the face.  This procedure helps to maintain muscle structure and prevent muscle drooping that happens as we age. The muscles are “tricked” into staying firm.

Why it’s Different

Dr. BYUN has invented the Dermal Spin™ microtunneling treatment in order to treat one’s skin from underneath the surface. This Dermal Spin™ technique allows skin cells to be rejuvenated from the source. His technique differs from most offered by Dermatologists or Med Spas because he does not solely inject the plasma into the area. His Dermal Spin™ technique involves using a needle to both stimulate the skin and inject the platelets. This procedure does not create scar tissue to the skin, but rather rejuvenates the skin. Dermal Spin™ is recommended for all ages and skin types. Many who have had the BYUN Facelift, use the Dermal Spin™ microtunneling procedure as maintenance.

Skin Application

When applied superficially via microneedling, the platelet rich plasma (PRP) blood components acts to naturally smooth and tighten the skin. It also softens wrinkles and improves the skin’s tone, texture and brightness. When skin is solely treated from the surface with Med Spa methods such as lasers, thermage, and radiofrequency, etc. damage is often caused, as cells are dried out and proteins are denatured.

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