Surgical Correction of Dark Circles with Midface Muscle Lift for Young Patients

Did you know your eye muscle is like a hammock?

As we age, the muscle underneath our eyes stretches, thins out, and droops much like a hammock. When the muscle spreads thin, the skin area under our eyes becomes transparent, revealing dark circles under the eyes. The dark circles are a result of the reflection of the bone underneath the skin called the orbital rim.

What causes the eye muscle to droop?

Simply put, the cheek muscle. Think of the cheek muscle as the foundation of a house. When the foundation starts sinking, the floor above the foundation (the eye muscle) starts to droop. When the floor begins to droop, the eye muscle stretches and thins out, causing the skin to become transparent and reflect the bone underneath the skin which causes a bluish tone under the eyes.

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What doesn’t work for dark circles?

Many people try to fix their dark circles with laser, Juvederm, or even a fat graft. But it’s important to remember that dark circles form due to drooping and thinning of the eye muscles. Lasers and Juvederm don’t address the muscle issue and only serve as temporary solutions to a permanent problem. In fact, fat grafts can migrate south and calcify in a different spot, causing an even bigger problem than before.

What’s the only solution to dark circles?

Dr. Michael Byun, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, has developed a revolutionary procedure called the Midface Composite Facelift technique which addresses the root problem of dark circles. This technique takes the sagging muscle back up to its insertion site and then tightens the skin, thereby reversing the muscle aging process. By addressing the pathophysiological and anatomical problems, Dr. Byun’s technique permanently improves dark circles.

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