The Byun Method gives you the Byun Difference

An infant just opening his eyes to the world understands beauty. A 2004 study showed that babies just a day old held the gaze longer with younger, more symmetrically-shaped adult faces. When you’ve decided that it’s time to turn back the clock, it’s a skilled touch that you’ll look for to reach that inner beauty, and that is achieved only with the Byun Method.

The work of any type of facelift is to counter the process of aging. But Dr. Byun’s facelift method is unique in that he taps into that subconscious knowledge of beauty by examining the shape of your face. “When you look at a flower or fine art, it’s very biologically-inclined notion of what is beautiful,” Dr. Byun said. He said that many times it’s about the proportions.

“When they come to me and see the changes on my past clients, they find something special, the face looks more vibrant and that’s what we focus on achieving for them.”

Dr. Byun’s research led him to analyze how traditional procedures for facelifts fought against gravity in the wrong direction. In his 20 years of experience, he developed the Byun Method, the mid-face muscle face lift. While other doctors just pulled the skin taut toward the back of the head, they didn’t think more than skin deep.

Dr. Byun took a more in-depth approach by gently moving the muscles under the skin upwards and in harmony with the particular client’s needs. And while Dr. Byun’s abilities have been honed as a cosmetic surgeon for two decades, it is also his experience as a trauma surgeon that has enhanced his handling of all cases with true precision and the utmost care.

The results from your experience with the Byun Method will show a recaptured youth and not an obvious mask-like visage. The true you will be the one to get all the recognition. For a consultation, please call the clinic 847-513-6899 today for an appointment.